The Safe Digital Community During COVID-19 (SDCDC-19) is a program organised by Cybersafe Foundation in partnership with the UK Government through its Foreign Development and Commonwealth office (FDCO).

The world has experienced an increasing number of malicious cyber actors exploiting the current COVID-19 pandemic, targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with COVID-19 related scams, and phishing emails, including essential services like healthcare organizations.

While cyber risks cut across board, SMEs particularly are a vulnerable group chiefly because, majority do not have technology, people, or processes in place to detect or defend against cyberattacks. Consequently, SMEs will be the worst prepared and worst hit by successful cyber-attacks.

The SDCDC-19 project is designed to equip SMEs with the knowledge and skills required to identify, protect, detect, defend, and respond to cyber threats, enabling a safe digital community in Nigeria. So far, we have trained 9354 employees from 4528 SME’S in two cohorts.

Our Tools

  • Cybersecurity upskilling training
  • Radio dramas
  • Educational videos
  • Comedy skits
  • Afro beat song (NoGoFallMagaSong)
  • Online publications


Thank the UK government and Cybersafe Foundation for understanding the current situation we are facing here and intervening. The knowledge gained is very appreciated and we can already see changes in the business


I own and run a fashion business and I am grateful to Cybersafe Foundation for this training, it has helped me become cyber smart and save my business from scammers. It was a great pleasure to be part of the training.


I work as an IT support specialist and I really enjoyed the program; it was educating and interesting and I appreciate the opportunity given to me to undergo the training, it has broadened my knowledge of cybersecurity.


SDCDC Partners