Facilitating pockets of change that ensure inclusive and safe digital access in Africa.

Cybersafe Foundation is Africa’s leading Non-Governmental Organization in the Digital Development domain, on a mission to facilitate pockets of change that ensure inclusive and safe digital access in Africa.

We work to improve inclusive and safe digital uptake in Africa, especially for the most vulnerable in our society through our initiatives.

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NoGoFallMaga is a national movement of young people, working to combat preventable digital fraud with consumer-centred sensitization and education.

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Shine Your Eye

Shine your eye is an initiative of Cybersafe Foundation dedicated to educating senior citizens (people aged 50 and above) in our community on basic cyber hygiene best practices.

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CyberGirls is a 1-year fellowship program that aims at equipping girls aged 15-21 years old with globally sought-after cybersecurity skills and helping them seize work opportunities.

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Cybersmart Child

Aims at communicating Cybersecurity messages to children in the most relatable, entertaining and impactful way, leveraging storytelling, games, songs and peer learning.

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Upcoming Events

Cybersafe Hiring Summit 2022

What if you could connect with hundreds of applicants and narrow it down to that quality prospect in just one day? That will be your experience when participating in the CyberSafe Hiring Summit.
The CyberSafe Hiring Summit is a virtual hiring event designed to connect employers and recruiters to our pool of exceptional entry-level cybersecurity talents. During the summit, you can e-meet previously match-made participants, see their work, interview them, and hire the best fit.
Connect, Interview, and Hire at the CyberSafe Hiring Summit. Don't miss this, Click to SIGN UP.

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Thank to the UK government and Cybersafe Foundation for understanding the current situation we are facing here and intervening. The knowledge gained is very appreciated and we can already see changes in the business.

Gift Oyiye

Joining the DigiGirls Program hasbeen personally impactful. I used to believe women don't support women but with everything i have seen in the DigiGirls program i know that is untrue. I received support from all sides and they made sure everyone gets value from the program.


I work as an IT support specialist and I really enjoyed the program; it was educating and interesting and I appreciate the opportunity given to me to undergo the training, it has broadened my knowledge of cybersecurity.

Rebecca Ugonma

Who would have thought that a poor girl living in an orphanage could be a CyberGirl can also be a tech girl? Thankfully, the Cybersafe Foundation did. I got all the support I needed to pursue my dreams. I still hear Mrs Confidence in my sleep telling me I can be anything I want to be and I intend to do just that.

Blessing Orile

I always knew that learning a new digital skill wasn't going to easy as i had to always be physically present to help with the family business, not to mention the cost. With DigiGirls Program i could learn the shop using my smartphone for free. I can't wait to utilise this digital skills i am learning

Toluwase Abiodun

An investment fraud left my family bankfrupt and changed my world for the worse. It however left me with determination to start a career in cybersecurity. I had nothing but dreams and cybersafe Foundation through the help of kind donors have brought me closer to my dream. I am proud to call myself a Cybersecurity Profressional


CyberGirls 2022 Cohort - Waitlist

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