Our Key Tools

  • Market tours
  • Tours of religious places
  • Webinars
  • Fun social media content
  • Online publications

No Go Fall Maga

NoGoFallMaga is a national movement of young people, working to combat preventable digital fraud with consumer-centred sensitization and education. Digital fraud in this context includes, email deception, phone-based scams, online fraud – particularly where cybercriminals impersonate trusted organizations.

We believe that until fraud becomes unprofitable, it will continue to run as an undesirable parallel economy and hence remain attractive to youths. The #Nogofallmaga campaign is dedicated to raising awareness on digital fraud issues by equipping the entire populace with knowledge for better decision-making and fraud mitigation. From the middle-aged women in the market, to the white-collar executives, to the young people in university campuses, and the Grandmothers; no individual with access to financial services will be unreached with our message.

We leverage fun experiences and content, to catalyse the decline of cyber-related fraud, one trickle of knowledge and advice at a time.

Praise for the NoGoFallMaga Book

“The search for an easy-to-understand cybersecurity awareness book has been on for a while, as readers find it difficult to understand what is required of them to stay safe online considering the ever-confusing advice from cybersecurity professionals and experts...This book has taken a different approach from the traditional perspective awareness campaign to a more interesting and engaging style.”
Remi Afon (President CSEAN)


Learn about Cybersecurity With Stories

Taking a storytelling approach to educating individuals on the evolving social engineering tactics deployed by fraudsters and raising awareness on the tech user’s role in maintaining cybersecurity posture. #NoGoFallMaga