Safe Digital Community During COVID-19

More than ever before, it has become pressing to provide essential cyber security support, especially to SMEs and drive an effective mass cybersecurity awareness campaign in Nigeria, specially tailored for the underserved and digitally marginalized. The Safe Digital Community During COVID-19 program is designed to curtail the cyber risks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic by strengthening the most vulnerable businesses and individuals in our community with a priceless defense; knowledge.

This program is divided into two prongs Mass Awareness on Cybersecurity Hygiene and an Cyber Essentials Training Program for employees of 1500 SMEs across Nigeria.

The training program had two learning paths; CyberUp (designed strictly for IT professionals) and CyberAware (non-IT professionals). Each of these interactive tracks equipped participants with knowledge and skills required to identify, protect, detect and respond to COVID-19 instigated cyber threats enabling them and their organization stay safe from the most prevalent cyberattacks.

Our faculty team consists of highly experienced and exceptional cybersecurity leaders based in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Cayman Islands and South Africa.

Funded by UK Government’s Prosperity Fund’s Digital Access Programme.