Is a Scam or Legit? is a website that claims to be an auction and bidding website where you can win and purchase some of your favorite authentic items. The site is getting attention in various online forums. Therefore, we decided to do a comprehensive analysis, below are our findings.

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2021-03-26 (valid for 1 year only)



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Red Flags

On its FAQ page it says “At 1Global, we have met the legal requirements provided by the Certified Institute of Auctioneers, Nigerian and the National Lottery board, so there’s no mago-mago over here.

A visit to the National Lottery Regulatory Commission’s website shows no record of 1Global, you can view the list here.

Another red flag is the FSAVER Account. Nothing about this is stated in the website’s FAQs, but there is a link to it in the site menu. Once you sign up on the website, you have access to the FSAVER account and welcomed with this message: “Put Your Money to Work
Invest for your projects, your child’s education, pilgrimage, or any other investment goal, and stay in line with your values. Experience an Easy and Quick FSAVER Account – Grow Your Money with 1Global, Withdraw your interest in few minutes.:

The FSAVER mini claims to pay an interest of 1% per day while the FSAVER Market offers a daily interest of 1% daily or 20% monthly. Comparing this with prevalent market rates and economic realities this is extremely high.

Considering that 1Global claims to be an auction/bidding website and falsely states that it has government approval to operate, and then is running an illegal high investment scheme, it is a scam.

Who is behind 1Global?

1Global has no office address, phone number or email on its contact page. Also, there is nowhere on the website where it lists the operators of this scheme, this is typical of scam websites. Looking at the source code of the website, we found that the site was built off another website called, which is another bidding website.


We recommend you avoid as this website has all the markings of a fraud.

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