Nigerian Enterprises Development Interactive Scheme (NEDIS): An Investigation

Our attention has been drawn to a scheme that is set to give out funds to SMEs, Farmers, and Traders in light of difficulties experienced due to COVID-19. The scheme is called NIGERIA ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT INTERACTIVE SCHEME (NEDIS) and the domain is, which has very scant information about the scheme except for a blurb on the home page which says:

NIGERIA ENTERPRISES DEVELOPMENT INTERACTIVE SCHEME (NEDIS) is determined to support and build stable economy in Nigeria through collective efforts. NEDIS COVID-19 SPECIAL FUND 2021 is Contributory Intervention Fund (CIF) structure from NEDIS Interactive Partners, Individual Donors, Corporate Organizations, Government and International Community to support SMEs/Farmers/Traders badly hit by COVID-19 pandemic.

The scheme claims to be a contributory intervention fund but does not list the donors, corporate organizations, or which government agency or parastatal involved, its’s all very vague.

Going to the contact us page reveals an address

The address, “35 Port Harcourt Cresent, Off Gimbiya Street, Area 11, Garki Abuja” is the current address of The Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN). Visiting the SMEDAN website we find no information concerning NEDIS on their list of programs or anywhere else on the website. Instead what we find on the SMEDAN website is a program called NADEP which NEDIS seems to copy. So here we have a purported scheme using an address that does not belong to it.

Moving on, we noticed a big green button on the top right corner labeled “guidelines,” clicking it takes us to the guidelines page.

Clicking on the “DOWNLOAD APPLICATION GUIDELINES” open a pdf document. The document has boldly written in red, “BEWARE, APPLICATION IS FREE”

But the second step of the applications process asks for payment for “Minimum Account Opening Balance.” The question to ask is since the scheme has several donors and funders why do you need to pay for a minimum account opening balance? Why don’t the donors cover this cost? Note that it is typical of scams to collect money under such pretexts as “registration” or “verification.”

Sure enough, navigating to the home page and clicking “Open Account Now” leads to a page that collects payment via flutterwave.

We also noticed the registration form asks for sensitive details as BVN and TIN numbers

Running the pdf file (registration form) through a document metadata checker we find the author’s name is given as “Henridam.” So Henridam is the author of our document.

Another thing we noticed on the homepage was a link to a login portal.

Looking at the source code of the portal we find that it is copied from another domain

Pulling up the whois information for both domains, we find was registered on the 25th of May while was registered on2nd of August. From this, we can infer that must have been the previous domain used before migration to the current domain

Doing a google search for the number listed as the Tech contact for turned up an interesting result. It led to a Facebook post by a page called “Integrity Heroes International Development Network.”

Snooping around the page, we found an image the listed the owner as Damkor T Henry.

As already noted above, the author of the document found on is HenriDam, this seems like a short form for Damkor T Henry, several other lines of evidence point to this conclusion. First, a search on Facebook led to a Facebook page with details pointing to

Clicking on the groups tab of the page, we find that it is linked to a group called ONE BENUE – ONE VOICE

Looking at the group admins for ONE BENUE – ONE VOICE, we found that two are named Damkor Henry

Second, has a link to their twitter handle @nedisexpress on their contact page. A visit to the twitter handle shows they are following 10 accounts and have 31 followers.

Perusing the 10 accounts followed by @nedisexpress we found one is named @DamkorHenry

From the foregoing we can deduce Damkor Henry is intimately connected with the scheme.

In conclusion, we strongly advise against registering for this as it appears to be an imitation of SMEDAN’s NADEP program, is not connected to any government instutution and has all the telltale signs of being a scam.

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