Yes, this week on Cybersafe with Sisinerd we’re going to convince you why you need to keep your device updated. We know no one likes to be interrupted while they’re working on something with a pop-up asking you to update. Rather than defer to another time which you might forget, we advise that you set out time each week to check and apply updates.

Here’s an analogy that can help process the importance of updates. Think of the security of your device like a country that is at war. When their enemy finds an opening what does the country do? They send troops to fill up the opening. Likewise, when the bad guys find a vulnerability in the software on your device, the manufacturers release an update the plug up this vulnerability. Not installing updates would be like a country at war having learned of a way enemy troops are infiltrating their borders deciding not to send their own troops to counter the insurgency.

For a full picture on why you need to install updates, watch our resident Cybersecurity expert SisiNerd

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