How To Create A Strong Password (Part 1)

The Jury is in…. weak passwords are still a thing. The list below is from Nordpass and details the worse ten passwords of 2020 compiled from various data breaches.

PositionPasswordNumber of usersTime to crack itTimes exposed
11234562,543,285Less than a second23,597,311
2123456789961,435Less than a second7,870,694
3picture1371,6123 Hours11,190
4password360,467Less than a second3,759,315
512345678322,187Less than a second2,944,615
6111111230,507Less than a second3,124,368
7123123189,327Less than a second2,238,694
812345188,268Less than a second2,389,787
91234567890171,724Less than a second2,264,884
10senha167,72810 Seconds8,213

If your password isn’t on the list don’t jump for joy yet, your password could still be weak and allow cybercriminals to bypass it. So, how can you tell if your password is weak? Watch this week’s episode of Cybersafe with Sisinerd to find out.

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