Why You Need A VPN When Using Public WI-FI

Everyone knows WI-FI. Well, almost everyone. For the uninitiated, it is what allows devices to connect wirelessly to a network that may or may not have internet access. Although, it is more popular for internet connections due to the convenience it affords.

Some nice folks decided to take this whole concept of wireless connectivity and make it public, hence, public places like airports, malls, restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels offer WI-FI networks that people can connect to and access the internet for free.

As always, it didn’t take long for the bad guys to figure out how to use this to compromise people. Despite the risks, there are safe ways to use public WI-FI. Our founder, Confidence Staveley (Sisi Nerd) covers one of such methods known as using a VPN.

Watch the video below to find out how a VPN can impact your safety while using public WI-FI.

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