How To Use Telegram Securely

After WhatsApp, Telegram is the next most popular messaging application. Due to its ability to set up groups with large numbers, scammers have set up shop and are using the applications to promote various scams. Below are a few ways you can use the application securely:

Enable Two Step Verification
Just like WhatsApp, Telegram gives you the ability to enable two step verification. This will require you to provide a password in addition to the default SMS code option before you can access your Telegram account. In the event that you lose your phone or your sim card get hijacked, your attackers will not be able to access your account. Also, make sure to set up a recovery email should you forget your password.

  1. Enable the Passcode Feature

The feature help locks your account and makes sure your messages are private. With this in place, even if a someone is able to compromise your account they will need the passcode to read your messages.

For more security and privacy tips watch the video below:

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