Cybersafety Tips: How to Spot Fake Websites

According to Google’s Transparency Report, 1.4 million websites made its list of “Sites Deemed Dangerous by Safe Browsing” category, as of February 24, 2019.

Surfing to these dangerous sites could could result in your personal or financial information being stolen or your device becoming infected with malware.

Below are a few tips to help you identify fake website:

1) Look up the domain age
By checking the age of a domain, you cam tell how long that website has been in existence. This can aid spot fraudulent websites because such are usually new. You can check for the age of a website at

2) Run a Scan
If you’re suspicious of a website, there are several free resources on the internet that allow you to do a quick scan for malware, phishing, and known scam websites. Here are a few below:

3) No Terms and Conditions

If you’re on a business website, then it should surely have a link to a page that states the terms and conditions of purchasing services and products. If this is unfavorable, obscured, or missing, then the site should not be trusted.

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