The Human Error: How cybercriminals use Deception and Malware

As the Coronavirus pandemic rages on, cybercriminals are not resting on their oars as they seek to take full advantage of the situation. In their typical fashion of not letting a tragedy go to waste, cybercriminals have been busy crafting coronavirus themed malware and devising ingenious ways to deliver them to their targets.

This is evidenced by reports from security firms such as RiskIQ which disclosed that 65,500 suspicious domains related to coronavirus were opened within a span of 3 days. Also, TrendMicro has found 81,315 malicious files in various coronavirus themed phishing campaigns since the beginning of the year.

Hence, the sixth episode in the #HoodOffChat series seeks to explore the ways malicious actors are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to trick users into downloading malware on their devices.

Our subject matter expert for this episode is an extremely gifted cybersecurity professional and penetration tester. He has worked on such projects as:

  • Advanced phishing Techniques: Bypassing 2- step Verification on Gmail and Payment platforms
  • Development and implementation of a phishing detection plugin for google chrome browser

This is a free webinar. Registration is required as we have limited spaced available. So hurry and hit the register button. Also, invite your contacts and come learn how you can protect yourself from malware in general and malicious emails in particular.

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