#HoodOffChat – Are you over-sharing on the internet?

According to a study by DR. Mike Mcguire, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Surrey, social media-enabled cybercrime is generating $3.25B in global revenue each year.

A portion of this is enabled by users and their oversharing behaviors on social networking platforms. Such information is collated and analyzed to build a psychoanalytic profile which is then used to craft convincing lures, such as malicious links sent from a profile impersonating someone they know, as well as gain knowledge that may allow them to authenticate to other services such as email or banking websites.

This Webinar was a show-and-tell style event that provided clarity on how malicious actors use sensitive information shared on the internet & social networking platforms.

Our subject matter expert was Stephen Chapendama, a DevSecOps & Cybersecurity professional currently working for Fujitsu UK as Platforms Lead within the Advanced Threat Centre & also as Technology Manager for Foundervine.

Watch the webinar in its entirety below.

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